Jan de Rooden



JAN DE ROODEN Keramisch Kunstenaar / Ceramic Artist

ISBN 90-72853-06-7
Published 1991 by the Singer Museum, Laren, Netherlands
and Johnny Rolf, Amsterdam.
Design: Harry Veltman.
Distributors: Johnny Rolf & Jan de Rooden, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

J.W.N. van Achterbergh, private collector of contemporary ceramics, Amstelveen,
Emke Raassen-Kruimel, Historian of Art, Keeper Singer Museum, Laren
Marianne Abel, freelance writer, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA
Johnny Rolf, ceramic artist and painter
Jan de Rooden, personal notes.

128 pages, 66 photographs of which 16 are in color, size 29 x 22 cm.
Of the 1100 odd copies there are a few still available from our studio's.