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In November 2006 after fifty odd years we had to say farewell to clay and its laborious process.
Since then this website has become a virtual exhibition of our ceramic works, and works on paper.
Also it tells of the path that we went over the years.

Meanwhile our studio's remain open to you
with its extensive collection of ceramics, gouaches and drawings.
There you can contemplate it, and maybe choose a work.
True to tradition, we apply studio prices.

There we also share with pleasure our knowledge and experience in ceramics.

For an appointment phone: 020 6945401.
Below you find our e-mail address under "Contact"

Amsterdam, April 2015


Welcome to our studio on the web.


When the two of us met in the autumn of 1956 and discovered that we both wanted to become potters,
we could not have the remotest idea, that once our studio would have a window to the world.
In a tiny no-daylight basement room we installed a kick wheel and a small electric kiln.
Next we brought in some clay and the basic glaze materials and there we stood in our first workshop.

It held just enough space for one at a time to work, but offered ample room for the companion to encourage.
From the start we welcomed what came out of each other's hands.
Onto what an inspiring ground we had stumbled, we understood only later.

While our hands became surer, our studio grew, our craft became art, and our pots became ceramics.
Along with this each could develop particular talents.
After Johnny bought paper and the required materials, first drawings and monotypes then etchings and gouaches
began to populate her studio in periods.
Jan became good at composing and preparing clay bodies, at adapting kilns, at developing special firing methods
and at making contact with people.

Since we decided to go the path of our lives together, we often made long journeys and sometimes we worked abroad.
In the countryside we built a second studio with a salt and another gas kiln for reduction.
We worked our little piece of land and enjoyed our self grown fruits and vegetables.
During the Morra years our Amsterdam studio's remained our real base.

For many years our studios were on the canal of the Kloveniersburgwal in the centre of the old city.
Alas, that in 1960s and 70s calm island became more and more chaotic.
Now you find us in a quiet coach house on a broad green street just outside Amsterdam's centre.
A small garden adds colour to many a working day, and, so we hope, to our work as well.

This website shows images of our recent work and of works of an earlier date, accompanied with some text.
May we also share with you some facts and memories which could be of interest.
Please know that questions or comments will be much appreciated.

   Amsterdam, July 2001






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