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Johnny 2004  
Her studio awaits the first visitors to our studio exhibition.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Design Derby BE/NL 1815 - 2015
23 okt 2015 tot 13 mrt 2016
About Design Derby

About this site:
Initially this website functioned mainly as documentation, since 2007 it also function as our virtual gallery.
Our coach house houses indeed an extensive collection of our ceramics, gouaches and drawings.

If you wish to get acquainted with this work or would like to purchase, then you are very welcome on appointment:
phone (020-6945401) or

This website is our own creation including the photos. You are welcome to copy from it.

We do trust, that when citing or publishing from it, you will mention source and details. Thank you
Work in collections:
Over the years our work has gone to homes all over the world and it became part of numerous private collections.
All major Dutch museums acquired ceramic work from our hand as did museums in America, Canada,
Czechia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland.
Signature Johnny Rolf        

written, incised or stamped
mostly with a date

Signature Jan de Rooden  

since 1960
only this stamp
mostly with a date

written or incised
often with
an additional date

Some Publications on Johnny Rolf and Jan de Rooden:
"Contact" Ceramics from a Canadian Perspective, 1996-97 no. 107:
  "Dutch artist Johnny Rolf "
 by Marianne Abel
"Clay Times" Volume 3 no. 1 January-Febr.1997:
  "Two Potters from the Netherlands"
 by Steve Branfman
"Ceramics Art and Perception" Issue 32 1998:
  "Ceramics with four hands" by Marianne Abel
"Ceramics Monthly" May 2000:
 " A lifelong relationship"   by Jan de Rooden. "Sculpture inspired by Dutch landscape"
"Ceramics Monthly" May 2000:
 " Johnny Rolf"  by Marianne Abel "Narative-figurative sculpture in the Netherlands"
"Ceramics Art and Perception" Issue 43 2001,
  "Rolf & de Rooden: Earth, Air, Fire & Water"   by Sabine de Wal
"Vormen uit Vuur" Issue 200/201 2008/1-2 "Keramische Kunstenaars in Nederland 1945-1975" English summary.

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   Margot Rolf

Painter / photographer

   Peter Veltman

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